Official Presentation of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020
The official presentation of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020 is going to take place in the framework of the Russia Creates 2.0. programme, on 8 April. General Commissioner of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020 and Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, Alexey Gruzdev will participate in the event.
From Abu Dhabi to Russia — all you need to know about film industry in the Middle East
Hans Fraikin will offer insights on what Abu Dhabi has to offer for the modern Russian filmmaking industry.
Forbes Club: Nadia Zaal's story of success
Nikolay Uskov, the most celebrated journalist in Russia, will have the honour to interview one of the most successful young women in the Middle East – Nadia Zaal, CEO, Al Barari and CEO of Zaya.

The event will be broadcasted online exclusively for Forbes Russia.
Save the date! The most beautiful ladies to join Russia Creates!
Ambassador of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020 and 2018 FIFA World Cup, Miss Russia 2003, TV host and model – would you believe us if we tell you that there is only one beautiful young lady behind these numerous job titles? You definitely should. Meet Victoria Lopyreva at Russia Creates 2.0 and see for yourself.
A legendary record producer from Russia, Ivan Shapovalov, joins the programme of Russia Creates 2.0.
Ivan Shapovalov is a man behind a famous Russian music band - t.A.Tu. Their album was certified platinum for one million copies sold in Europe and became the first album by a foreign group to reach number one in Japan.
Today, a new project that Ivan Shapovalov has recently been working on is SOSEDI, an international music band. Words and phrases from 16 different languages are combined in each song of the band. Impressive, isn't it?
A Russian calligraphy artist and a developer of his own "Calligrafuturism" style, Pokras Lampas is coming to Dubai!
Nike, YSL, Mercedes-Benz, Pirelli, Dries Van Noten, Lamborghini, IKEA,Adidas, MAC - were all fighting to get him!
It's hard to imagine now that Pokras Lampas' inspiration for the graffiti that he has become renowned for, actually came from writings and drawings made on walls of railway stations in Moscow.
Come and meet Pokras Lampas to find out more about his creative projects!
Natalya Klimchuk will join the design community of Russia Creates 2.0!
Co-founder and CEO of Bang Bang Education - an online platform which offers a wide range of courses in design and illustration, Natalya Klimchuk says: "We live in times when the design industry is in high demand all over the world". We couldn't agree more!
Isaam Kazim, CEO of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, to participate in the official presentation of the Russian Pavilion!
Breaking news – On 8 April, at the official presentation of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Isaam Kazim, CEO of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, will give a welcome speech to mark the occasion!
Russia Creates
chooses only the best!
H.E. Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, visited the hotel 'Address Beach Resort' yesterday. It is here that the main events of Russia Creates will take place
UAE invests about $10 million in Russian health food manufacturer
The Russian group of companies "Innovanta", engaged in the production of health food as well as dietary and prophylactic nutrition, announced the launch of an investment project in the field of creating new technologies in personalised nutrition. This will be achieved in partnership with The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park Free Zone (SRTIP) based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). About $10 million will be invested into the project by the princess of one of the ruling families of the UAE, H.E. Hind Al Qassemi.
Russia's biggest TikTok star Danya Milokhin - comes to Dubai!
Danya Milokhin is Russia's most popular TikTok content creator. He has over 10 million followers and was even awarded 'discovery of the year 2020' by GQ magazine. However, Milokhin's life was not always easy. He grew up in foster care, battled drug addiction and worked hard to overcome the hardships that life often threw his way.

But luckily in March 2020, he was among the first content creators to join the, now biggest, Russian social media managing company, Dream Team House. Later that year, Danya Milokhin released his debut track «I'm at Home» (20 million views). He then recorded several more viral hits including «Khavchik» with Timati and GeeGun (24 million views), and «Party Wild» (35 million views) with Nikolai Baskov.

Don't miss out on an opportunity to hear him speak and share his insights into TikTok fame!
PARSEC architectural bureau reveals its secrets at Russia Creates
Artist Dashi Namdakov and architect Ildar Giniyatov will be holding their first public presentation of PARSEC architectural bureau. Their designs combine a sculptural approach to form, a scientific approach to content and an architectural approach to its implementation.
Igor Namakonov, the brain behind the 100 Most Creative Russians project, to join Russia Creates
Igor Namakonov is the best-selling author of 'Crossfit Brain', winner of Russia's first Cannes Lion award, author of the '100 Most Creative Russians' (100mcr.com), and also the Executive Director of the Creative Industries Committee of the influential Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. And, what's more, in Feburary 2021, Igor was appointed CEO of Russia's newly-established Federation of Creative Industries. We're delighted to welcome him to Russia Creates this April!

M-1 Global chief confirms participation at Russia Creates in Dubai
Vyacheslav Kamnev, CEO of mixed martial arts promoter M-1 Global Media, is coming to Dubai to tell us how the MMA industry is developing, what are the challenges – and most importantly - what are the international prospects for this thrilling sport. Hear from the man himself at Russia Creates this April.
James Hartt on esports
Director of Strategic Partnerships at Abu Dhabi's media business hub, TwoFour54, James Hartt will make a return visit to Russia Creates this year to talk about the development of esports in UAE. James will share his insights in this fast-evolving sector and will look into what makes esports tick (spoiler alert: creativity is key!)
Entrepreneur and investor Dmitry Machikhin joins Russia Creates speaker line-up
How do you go about attracting over $100 million investment in projects? Maybe Dmitry Machikhin can offer some tips. Since 2015, Dmitry, who now manages his own investment fund, has been investing in startups and gaming. After a consultancy career at Clifford Chance in Paris and Luxembourg, he founded the leading IT start-up and gaming support company, GMT Legal. Dmitry will be the first to say that gaming is a serious business!
HI-burger — Russian 'Food of the Future' — comes to Dubai.
The guys from Food of the Future, based in Russia's Belgorod region, have come to the UAE with an innovative product – a radical new take on traditional "grandma's cutlets" - lovingly made by home cooks throughout the Belgorod countryside for centuries - using a vegetable substitute for meat. To accurately replicate the taste, the product developers have gathered dozens of historical recipes. According to Sergey Ivanov, one of the founders of 'Food of the Future', Healthy Innovation (HI) is a global project, which means that the team sees the HI-burger competing with similar products from world leaders in the production of vegetable-based meat substitutes. Plans to enter international markets were slowed down by the pandemic, and while Europe, America and Asia remain closed, HI-Burger made its international debut in the Middle East. It seems that the launch has gone down well: Monique Nade, Culinary Production Manager at Dubai's L'ETO CAFFE said "I'm ready to add a HI-burger to the menu even tomorrow and would love to work with your minced 'meat'. Amazing taste!"

Russia Creates showcases beautiful branding
Russia Creates will be joined by Anna Lukanina, Managing Partner of Depot branding agency, President of the Association of Branding Companies of Russia and member of the board of directors of GLBA. For more than 10 years Anna was a member of the board of directors of the European Branding and Packaging Association, and from 2011 to 2013 served as president of the association. She was awarded the Philip Kotler prize for her achievements in branding. We hope that Anna will share at least a few secrets on how to make a brand beautiful.
Konstantin Sidorkov at Russia Creates again!
This time he comes in a new capacity. Congratulations to Konstantin Sidorkov on his new position as Director of Music Projects Development at Mail.ru Group, where he will strengthen relations with the industry, work with labels and artists represented in mai.ru's music services - VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and BOOM. We can't wait to welcome him back to Russia Creates this year.
Denis Serikov, General Producer of Gazprom Media Radio, to speak at Russia Creates
One of the leading figures in Russian radio, Denis Serikov will come to Dubai to reveal a couple of secrets of the radio business. In 1998 he began his career at the radio station Open Radio as a music editor, and a couple of years later became its deputy CEO. Denis is the founder of radio stations that seem to have always been with us: "NRJ", "ROMANTIKA" and "LikeFM". In addition, he is the author and producer of sensational radio projects, such as "The Black Pepper Show", "Truth Detector", "NRJ Vision", "Like Part". Now, as general producer of Gazprom Media Radio, Denis Serikov manages two radio stations: ENERGY and LikeFM.
Russia Creates proves its power!
Telegram founder Pavel Durov met with Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum! At the meeting, Pavel emphasized that the Ruler of Dubai has built such a vibrant technology community that has fostered innovation and entrepreneurship on the broadest scale. The Crown Prince, in turn, noted that the choice of Dubai for such a successful digital company as Telegram suggests that the authorities have created an environment conducive to the growth of innovative companies.
Valery Golnikov , creator of the first 'social network for illustrators' will speak at Russia Creates!
Voted 'Creative Arts Person of the Decade' by Rambler in 2003, Valery Golnikov founded advertising agency Red Keds in 2005 together with Vitaly Bykov. In 2006 he founded the country's first social network of illustrators - www.illustrators.ru, which is still the largest creative Internet project in Russia, and a year later - the Coalla agency, where he works to this day.
Russia Creates 2.0 will be held on 6-9 April 2021 in Dubai
The brightest stars of Russia's groundbreaking creative industries community will once again come to Dubai to present their projects and ideas to potential partners and real investors at Russia Creates 2.0. The dates of the 2021 event were announced today: 6-9 April. The event will also comprise an official presentation of the Russian Pavilion at Expo 2020, the theme of which is "Creative Mind: Driving the Future." The Russian Pavilion will feature the brightest and most creative projects, born in Russia and delivered by Russian innovation and ingenuity.
This post is about female power and grace.
We are proud that Russia Creates community includes so many ladies. Your talent, craving for creativity, successful entrepreneurial initiatives are outstanding. Dear ladies, you are able to change this world to such an extent that you can't even imagine it. You are bringing into it an extravagant beauty, delightful charm, wisdom and kindness which only you are capable of.Congratulations to all the ladies! Making another step to change this world, do not forget to devote time to yourself :)
Saudi Arabia: Russia Creates joins the Saudi Cup!
The Saudi Cup - an international horse race with a record-breaking 20 million prize - took place in Riyadh on February, 29 and was held under the patronage of Saudi Arabia King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Russia Сreates delegation led by Russian sculptor and artist Dashi Namdakov was invited by Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal Al Saud to visit the Saudi Cup.
Russia Creates introduced Russian esports in Saudi Arabia.
ESforce Holding Company, an esports partner of Russia Creates, has continued a series of business meetings in the region, this time in Saudi Arabia.

ESforce CEO Emin Antonyan (also Secretary General and Chairman of the Board of the Russian Esports Federation) and media director Nikolai Petrossyan met with the leadership of the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS).

ESforce shared their experience in the successful development of esports in Russia. Now the company is one of the largest players in the market of Eastern Europe and is valued at more than $ 120 million.
Russia Creates at "Connect with innovation in Media" in Abu Dhabi!
Russia Creates participated in the "Connect with innovation in Media" in Abu Dhabi.
The largest Russian e-sports organization ESforce was the headliner participant from Russia Creates community. The company was represented by Media Director Nikolai Petrossyan and Commercial Director Sergey Barkhudaryan. ESforce team also met with the largest event organizer in the region Flash Entertainment and the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi.

Nowadays e-sports is one of the most cutting-edge industries in the world, that's why ESforce case was of a great interest among the event guests.
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Smart advertising – powered by AI
AstraOne is a global leader in innovative advertising solutions – and, guess what? – it was born in Russia. With offices in Moscow, Berlin, London and Warsaw AstraOne is the first Russian ad tech start up to break into the saturated European market. The secret of its success is AI, which powers its uniquely smart ad placement technology – meaning every advertisement has high impact and is seen by a closely targeted audience. Got any questions? Ask AstraOne's CEO Ivan Paryshev at Russia Crerates in Abu Dhabi on 21 November!
Creating new video platforms for the Arab world
Egor Yakovlev is a video-on-demand pioneer. Having created Russia's first VOD service, Tvigle.ru, he is now turning his attention to international markets. Founder and CEO of Platforms and Solutions, Egor wants to bring new OTT video platforms to UAE and the wider MENA region – creating new ways to watch video content. Former CEO of Start.ru, the worldwide Russian language VOD subscription service, founder of the biggest Russian internet conference – Russian Internet Forum and former Marketing director for Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa at Intel, Egor is joining us in Abu Dhabi at Russia Creates to tell us about his new project in UAE.
Content is King for Ilya Popov
Entrepreneur, producer and President of the Russian Animated Film Association, Ilya Popov is a creative industry insider with many talents. Great news that he will be joining us at Russia Creates! Ilya is General Producer at the Riki Group – one of the world's leading players in the international distribution of children's and family TV and digital content. With a brand portfolio that includes Kikoriki, PINCODE, BabyRiki and Tina & Tony, Riki Group exports animated content to over 70 countries worldwide and has recently launched on Netflix.
Forbes Club joins the programme
In a new addition to the programme, Russia Creates media partner Forbes will be hosting an exclusive fringe event on Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island on 22 November. The event - Forbes Club – will be open to all RC participants and will feature a live interview between Forbes Russia's editorial director Nikolai Uskov and a special guest from Abu Dhabi – watch this space!
Slonik – from Burning Man to UAE
You may have noticed a giant, 23 metre tall inflatable elephant in the media recently – meet Slonik, the latest creation by designer, sculptor and conceptual artist Michael Tsaturyan. Slonik was the most eye-catching installation at Burning Man 2019 in Nevada, and it reinforced Michael's position as one of the most exciting new artists to have emerged from Russia in recent years. We are proud to be presenting Michael's unique creativity at Russia Creates.
Creative philanthropy comes to Abu Dhabi
We are bringing a completely new concept in philanthropic fundraising to UAE at Russia Creates: Meet for Charity is an online auction platform allowing bidders to pledge money to meet celebrities, sports stars, business leaders and inspirational public figures, raising funds for good causes, and allowing anyone to meet their heroes. A smart concept from Russia that can now have an international impact.
Kalinka – bring innovation into real estate
Ekaterina Rumyantseva is a true real estate entrepreneur, having built Kalinka Group into Russia's leading premium real estate company. As an industry innovator, she has become one of Russia's most prominent women in business, and we are excited to welcome her as a participant at Russia Creates – to tell us how blue-sky thinking and creativity has driven Kalinka to the top.
Inna Bazhenova – arts media supremo comes to town
Through her ownership of The Art Newspaper – an international cultural media organisation with publications sold around the world - Inna Bazhenova is both an authority on art and cultural issues, as well as a major collector in her own right. We look forward to hearing from Inna at Russia Creates in Abu Dhabi.
Russia Creates and twofour54 join forces
Today we welcome a new Partner for Russia Creates: twofour54 – Abu Dhabi's unique media hub and business zone that is the focal point for the creative industries of the region and is the motor that is driving one of the fastest growing media markets in the world. Home to some of the biggest names in media, gaming, entertainment, TV and film production, twofour54 is a natural partner for Russia Creates. Looking forward to an exciting road ahead!
Sasha Gusov: more than a photographer
One of the world's most celebrated photographers, Sasha Gusov will be on hand at Russia Creates to document - in his own unique way – what will be a unique event. Gusov is a prime example of the Russian creativity that the event is all about: born in Russia, resident in London but known the world over for the ingenuity of his photographic skills – we are proud that Sasha will be part of the event.
A new platform for Masha and the Bear
Masha and the Bear – the Russian animation that has taken the world by storm – is coming to Abu Dhabi for Russia Creates! Gunel Ismailova from Ginza Project, the creative force behind many award-winning Russian and international restaurant and leisure brands, will tell us about a new concept restaurant and theme park experience centred around Masha and the Bear – a concept which is sure to thrill millions of kids (and their parents) across the globe.
VK – Russia's Facebook – comes to town
Delighted to welcome Konstantin Sidorkov, VP at VKontakte, Russia's – and now Europe's – biggest social network, to Abu Dhabi for Russia Creates. As well as being a social media giant, with an online community of many millions stretching across Russia and Europe, VK is also a creative force offline: VK Fest is an annual music festival which is fast gaining an international reputation. Come and meet Konstantin - the driving force behind VK Fest and one of the most influential figures in the growing music streaming sector in Russia - at RC Abu Dhabi, to find out more about the creative ambitions of Russia's answer to Facebook!
DCT confirms its support
We are thrilled to announce that Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism has come on board as a Russia Creates partner. DCT is responsible for safeguarding the cultural heritage of Abu Dhabi, and for the development of the emirate's image abroad. Our partnership is designed to give Abu Dhabi access to exciting new audiences from the Russian creative industries: allow Russia Creates and DCT to open the door to the rich opportunities on offer in Abu Dhabi!
Stellar sculptor Dashi Namdakov comes to Abu Dhabi
Russia's greatest living sculptor and top-selling artist , Dashi Namdakov is joining the group of leading cultural figures at Russia Creates in Abu Dhabi. A hit in international auction houses around the world, Dashi's work attracts a celebrity clientele, including actress Uma Thurman, Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Media cooperation on the menu
One of Russia's most high profile journalists and editors, Nikolai Uskov will be on hand at Russia Creates to offer insights on innovation in the media industry. Uskov, currently Editorial Director of Forbes Russia, is well-placed to comment of the huge potential for cooperation and collaboration between Russian and UAE media.
Art museum supremo joins the Russia Creates gang
The Director of Moscow 's internationally-respected Museum of Modern Art, Vasily Tsereteli has announced his participation in Russia Creates in Abu Dhabi. Also the Russian Commissioner General at the Venice Bienniale, Artistic Director of the Territoria Modern Art Festival and a judge of the International Kandinsky Prize, Vasily will bring some serious contemporary art credentials to the arts hub of the Gulf region.
Kirill Richter signs for RC Abu Dhabi
One of Russia's most exciting new musical talents is coming to Abu Dhabi for Russia Creates. Classical pianist and the composer of the inspirational theme for FOX Sports' global FIFA World Cup 2018 coverage, Kirill is a major Russian star with a fast growing international reputation.
Yummy United – Russian creativity tastes good!
Russian branding guru Oleg Beriev will join the list of creative industry leaders at RC Abu Dhabi to tell the world about Russian success story Yummy United – a new concept snack with a unique selling point, which is launching globally this year. Oleg – founder of leading brand consultancy Mildberry – will speak at the RC Abu Dhabi business forum, RC Live, on 21 November.
Russia Creates partners with Abu Dhabi Art
We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Abu Dhabi Art – the international art fair that will coincide with RC Abu Dhabi in November. As the premier art event in the Abu Dhabi calendar, the synergies with Russia Creates - which will bring artists, designers and the creative elite from Russia – are clear!
RC live launch in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi has been announced as the venue for Russia Creates global live launch in Novembe . Russia Creates Abu Dhabi will take place on 20-23 November 2019, with an action-packed programme to bring the Russian creative mind to one of the fastest growing entertainment and media hubs of the MENA region.